Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Well I am glad this winter is finally over. As much as I loved all the wonderful snow days the sun is a very welcome sight. So far this year our kids have been keeping us on our toes, whether it is sports, trips to the ER, or just doctor appts. Tyler started us out by jumping off a swing and landing on a trailer hitch. Ouch is the least of the words he was thinking. He spent 3 weeks with a catheter in and grew very stir crazy. He is now on the mend and has gone right back into things. He has been running track this year doing the 3200, long jump, and 4 x 200. He really like the shorter events better, but he does pretty good at the 3200. He is also playing soccer and loving it as usual. His last game was against a U-18 team, under 18, and their team is U-14. They lost 3-2, but Tyler was pretty positive he said, " I think we did pretty darn good for playing a team that drove themselves away from the game." Kirt is playing baseball. His team is undefeated right now and so they are #1 in the league. Kelsie will be starting swimming at the end of the month and is still getting straight A's. Audrey is always making us laugh and we just found out that she will be getting her tonsils out in a month. So sad to think that my 3 year old will be going under the knife, but am happy to think that she should be sleeping better soon.

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My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids